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Teacher of the Year

Patti Frazer, Teacher on Special Assignment

2021 Teacher of the Year, Patti Frazer

Condit Elementary School

Hire Date: 9/7/99

Years of Service: 21


B.A., California State University,

Long Beach

Introduction from Board Meeting:

Patti Frazer, Claremont’s 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year, began her CUSD career 21 years ago as a classroom teacher and is currently a Teacher on Special Assignment at Condit Elementary School.

As I often do, I reached to the Teacher of the Year’s colleagues to tell me what they like best. One colleague stated, “You have to start your introduction with saying “Yahoo!” That is her favorite word to say as encouragement to her students! Patti is an inspiration. She teaches with unconditional love, tremendous energy, and always has an engaging lesson for the kids! Her passion in education is contagious! Patti is always positive and motivated in all she does! I am so happy for my dear friend Patti Frazer!”

Nominated by her peers and selected by former Teachers of the Year, Patti has been described as a model TOSA. For many years she has been a model for teaching and learning by ensuring each and every day, each and every minute of the day is spent engaging students in unique and motivating ways. She is a true classroom practitioner who marries current research, available resources and knowledge from over 20 years of teaching into creating lessons that take student from where they are and ensures they succeed.

Over her years as a TOSA she has gracefully merged roles as professional developer and remediation teacher. I have personally witnessed students skipping and singing down the hall to work with her on the hard work of improving their reading. She is loved by students because of her energy, her engagement and her infectious joy in learning. I have also personally witnessed teachers laughing and sharing as she engages them in professional development. Teachers tell me she can bring programs and initiatives the District is focused on to life and make them practical and doable.

Her colleagues share that her smile, laugh, and enthusiasm are infectious. She is like the Energizer Bunny.” Another colleague shared, “She makes the students and staff both eager to learn and I think that’s what we all love so much about her.”  Finally, a colleague summed it up by stating “The best teachers don’t just inspire their students; they inspire their colleagues.”

It is with great pleasure I present to you, the Board of Education, Dr. Elsasser and the staff and the community, the 2020-2021 Claremont Unified School District’s Teacher of the Year – Patti Frazer.

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