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Work Place Safety

Work Place Safety

The safety of each individual of the District is of primary importance. The District believes that employees have the right to work in a safe, peaceful environment. The District has developed, implemented, and maintains regulations which will produce a safe work environment for the staff. The safety program conforms to known practice and standards; it embodies the proper attitudes toward injury and illness prevention among teachers, administrators, classified staff, and students.

The District Safety Program includes:
  • Safety rules for employees which are practiced and enforced
  • Training for staff in good safety practices and attitudes
  • A continuing program to correct unsafe working conditions or practices; control health hazards and insure compliance with relevant safety and health standards.
  • A safe educational and working environment that provides appropriate mechanical and physical safeguards.
  • Prompt, thorough investigations of all safety incidents to determine causes and recommend corrective action.
Safety training includes:
  • General safety policy and program
  • Safety rules-general/specific to job
  • Fire protection/Prevention
  • Proper personnel equipment/attire
  • Proper lifting procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Proper Ergonomics
  • Procedures and reporting injuries
  • Housekeeping and cleaning up spills
  • Safe operation of powered equipment
  • Medical/First Aid
  • Storage of Materials
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Review of forms to use in “Reporting”
    • Accident Report
    • Worker's Compensation
    • Occupational Injury/Illness
    • Work Order Request


A worker is at a school site and cuts himself/herself while using a paper cutter. After First Aid is administered, the Site Administrator submits an injury report to the Safety Committee which reviews all employee and student injury reports. Necessary steps are taken to check the equipment and circumstances surrounding the injury. Repairs and/or corrective action is taken as necessary. The injured employee files necessary paper work (Worker's Compensation) to receive appropriate medical assistance.