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iPad Initiative

Why iPad?

After examining current implementations, visiting local school districts, examining BYOD data, piloting CAASPP viability, and visiting technology providers, including Apple, Google, and Microsoft, the District Technology Leadership Team determined the iPad was the best tool to support the district's educational technology vision. 

iPad provides transformative opportunities for students and staff to:

  • Access and evaluated a variety of informational resources
  • Explore content in engaging ways
  • Inspire creativity, productivity, and innovation
  • Communicate and collaborate
  •  Extent learning beyond the classroom and workplace
  • Contribute to society as responsible digital citizens

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Realizing the One-to-One Vision

Since 2013, CUSD has deployed over 5,000 iPads, including: 

  • One-to-one iPad in grades 3-6
  • One-to-one iPad in alternative education
  • One-to-one iPad Take Home in AVID 9-12
  • iPad carts in middle school English and social science
  • iPad carts in many high school classrooms
  • iPad in special education based upon IEP/504
  • An iPad for every classroom teacher
  • An iPad for every site administrator

Creators and Curators

Students create and curate amazing work on the iPad!

For instance, Government students use iMovie, Green Screen, Adobe Voice, and Video Download to create multimedia presentations explaining an interesting piece of legislation, in this case Title IV and net neutrality.

Fourth graders strategize how to solve a math problem and explain their thinking using Explain Everything.  

History students use Notability to close read a speech and then analyze a quote in Textagon.

Bush Speech
 Bush Speech Textagon Student Sample C

Physics students use Vernier Video Physics to record and analyze data on the motion of an object and annotate their problem solving in Notability.

Toss a Pine Cone

English students use Ideament and Post-it Plus to organize research and prepare essays.

Post It Organization
 Essay Organization