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Board of Education Governance Standards

Core Values

We, the Claremont Unified School District, hold ourselves accountable to:   

  • Promote and encourage the intellectual curiosity, creativity, and individuality of each student.
  • Promote the mental and physical health of students and staff.
  • Treat everyone with kindness, dignity, respect, and equity.
  • Communicate and act with honesty, integrity, and transparency.
  • Embrace high expectations.
  • Be responsible stewards of our fiscal resources.
  • Provide each student and staff member with resources and support in a safe environment.
  • Support learning environments with varied instructional and assessment practices.
  • Foster student, staff, parent, family, and community engagement.


Core Values Adopted: 11/17/11. Updated 1/8/2014; 11/10/2014; 2/2/2017; 2/21/2019; 3/21/2019