Research Projects


Claremont Unified School District welcomes requests from college students and professors to conduct research within the District.  All research projects must be approved by our Governing Board prior to being conducted with either students or staff members.  Applicants should allow 6 – 8 weeks for the approval process.

 Protocols for approval are as follows:

  • Anyone wishing to conduct research within the District should complete and submit the Proposal for Academic Research form located on our website.

  • Completed proposals are submitted for review by the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services.

  • Projects deemed to be of benefit to the District and which do not disrupt our instructional program will be forwarded to the Superintendent’s office recommending approval along with justification for the project.

  • Proposals are then reviewed by the Superintendent and the project merits are discussed with Cabinet members.

  • Projects approved by Cabinet are then submitted for approval by the Governing Board.

  • Requesting researcher(s) will be informed of the proposal's board meeting date and should plan to attend a Board of Education meeting to answer any questions the Governing Board may have prior to taking formal action to approve the proposal.

Qualifying candidates will be notified of their approval and will be required to provide a summary of the findings to the Assistant Superintendent’s office six weeks after completion of the research project.

Questions about the approval process along with proposals should be directed to Pamela Kling, Administrative Secretary at 909-398-0651 or