Equity Advisory Council

The Equity Advisory Council (EAC) is a standing advisory group created to learn and understand the experiences and needs of CUSD's culturally and linguistically diverse students and families. The EAC's efforts will focus on developing and adapting the Equity Action Plan and advising the Governing Board, administration, faculty, and staff.

EAC membership consists of approximately 15 students, parents, and community members, and 15 school and district representatives. General membership shall include:

  • (4) Students - Appointed by administration, representing CUSD's culturally and linguistically diverse student body

  • (11) Parents/Community Members - Appointed by administration, representing CUSD's culturally and linguistically diverse families at each school site

  • (10) School representatives - Decided upon by each school

  • (5) District representatives - One representative each from Educational Services, Student Services, Human Resources, and Business Services; CUSD's Parent/Foster Youth/McKinney-Vento Liaison will be included

Due to the fluid nature of school association, membership may increase or decrease as students, community members, parents, and staff shift grades and positions. Members will serve the council so long as they have the capacity to do so. 

Presentations and Documents

EAC Minutes