CUSD Attendance Campaign: Social Media Competition Winners

At the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year, the Claremont Unified School District (CUSD) launched an attendance campaign, blending education and engagement to emphasize the importance of regular school attendance. Central to this initiative was a social media challenge that encouraged Kindergarten through 12th-grade students to create 60-second videos expressing the significance of attending school. This contest showcased our students' creativity and served as a dynamic platform for promoting educational values.

Two students from Chaparral Elementary School won the hearts and minds of their peers and the wider community. Sixth-grader Maria Hanna earned first place with her video, which received the most likes, shares, and comments, and picked the MacBook Air as her prize. Close behind, in second place, was Morgan Warren, a fourth-grader whose engaging video won her a pair of Apple AirPod Pros. Their victories highlight their creative talents and the campaign's success in fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of consistent school attendance among students.

First Place Winner

Second Place Winner

A Slam Dunk for CHS Basketball Teams!

In a heartwarming display of community and sportsmanship, the Claremont High School (CHS) Boys and Girls Basketball teams recently experienced a significant upgrade, thanks to the generosity and support of the Claremont Sunrise Rotary.

During this week's Claremont Sunrise Rotary meeting, a special presentation was made to the CHS Basketball teams. The Rotary formally presented a state-of-the-art Basketball Shot Training Machine. Valued at more than $7,000, this machine is set to revolutionize the training regimen for our young athletes.

Last November, the CHS Basketball teams got to volunteer at the Turkey Trot. This event, organized by the Rotary, was a chance for the teams to give back to the community. In recognition of their service, the Rotary generously donated $7,739.03 to purchase the Dr. Dish Shooting machine. For years, this advanced training equipment has been on the wish list of the basketball programs at CHS, and now, it's a reality.

This machine is designed to enhance the training efficiency of basketball players. Its capability to deliver 500-1000 shots in just 45 minutes during practice ensures that our student-athletes can maximize their training time, refining their skills with precision and consistency. Introducing this technology is more than just an upgrade in equipment; it symbolizes a leap in the athletic development of our students.

As CHS continues to celebrate this generous gift, it stands as a testament to the power of community partnership and its incredible impact on our youth and their pursuits. Here's to more three-pointers, slam dunks, and victories for the CHS Boys and Girls Basketball teams!

Claremont High's Exceptional Minds: Celebrating Essay Contest Winners

Essay Winners: Sarai Addai, Cameron Champion, Nigel Kabiro, Samira Kennebrew, Selah Lewis, Samiya McClain, Camille Winfrey, Noel Youngblood (Not Pictured)

In a remarkable display of talent and insight, eight out of twelve winners of the recent essay competition hosted by PEARLS of Service are students from Claremont High School (CHS). This competition, focusing on career goals, volunteering experiences, and perspectives on justice, has brought these young scholars' articulate voices and deep convictions to the forefront. Their winning essays reflect their academic excellence, commitment to societal issues, and personal growth.

Selah Lewis, a CHS student and one of the contest winners shares her ambitions and the experiences that shaped them. "I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a Psychiatric Nurse," Selah openly expresses. Her commitment to pursuing a career in mental health underscores the determination and empathy that define today's forward-thinking minds. Her story is one of resilience and a deep-rooted desire to positively impact mental health space.

Another award recipient, Camille Winfrey, vividly articulates her lifelong ambition in her essay. "Ever since I was younger, I wanted to become a veterinarian," she states, demonstrating her unwavering passion for animal care. Camille's narrative is a testament to the importance of early dreams and the relentless pursuit of one's goals, highlighted by her hands-on experiences and volunteer work.

Cameron Champion, also from CHS, showcases his commitment to environmental conservation and his future career path. "I decided I would major in Civil/Environmental Science Engineering," he declares, reflecting his desire to intertwine his academic interests with a commitment to environmental stewardship. Cameron's essay exemplifies the awareness and responsibility that the new generation brings to the challenges facing our planet.

The achievement of these Claremont High School students in the essay competition is a source of pride for the school and the community. Their essays earned them well-deserved recognition and highlighted their profound insights and ambitions. As we celebrate their success, we are reminded of our youth's potential and promise in shaping a brighter, more conscientious future.

Paige Morales: CHS Junior Shines in 135th Rose Parade

Claremont, CA – Paige Morales, a junior at Claremont High School, recently showcased her talents in the 135th Rose Parade. Her journey from being a long-time admirer to an active participant in this iconic event is a tale of passion and perseverance.

Reflecting on her lifelong dream, Paige shared, "Ever since I can remember, watching the Rose Parade was a family tradition. So, participating in it was fulfilling my dream and living my family's dream." Her preparation was a mix of hard work and unique experiences, involving intensive weekend practices and exclusive events like meeting the Rose Court. Paige found the preparation process smooth and enjoyable, thanks to the supportive environment created by the troop leaders. On the parade day, Paige played a pivotal role, leading the flag ceremony and carrying the banner for the City of Torrance's float. She described her experience as "Truly amazing. Walking in front of thousands, including familiar CUSD teachers, and being featured on news networks was exhilarating."

Paige is grateful for the unwavering support from the CUSD community, emphasizing the critical roles played by her dance team coach and yearbook advisor. She advises her CHS peers to "Embrace challenges, learn from your mistakes, and never give up." Her experience in the Rose Parade, underpinned by the support from her family and CHS mentors, is a testament to her dedication and the nurturing environment of the Claremont community. Paige Morales's participation in the historic Rose Parade marks a personal achievement and symbolizes the spirit of commitment and community values fostered within CUSD.

Ryan Dunfee's Commitment to West Point and Football!

In a remarkable display of dedication and talent, Claremont High School senior Ryan Dunfee has made his community proud by committing to the United States Military Academy West Point for football and signing his letter of intent. This significant step marks the culmination of years of hard work and passion for the sport.

A Dream Realized

Ryan, an exceptional student and athlete at CUSD, has always harbored the dream of playing college football. His choice of Army West Point is a testament to his commitment to excellence and a brighter future. "It's really special," Ryan shares. "I've worked really hard for the past four years, and it feels like my work is paying off."

A Family of Public Servants

Ryan's decision is even more meaningful, considering his family background. His parents, Adrienne and Tim Dunfee are public servants, and his father is a United States Air Force veteran. "His father and I couldn't be more proud," Adrienne says. Their support and pride in Ryan's choice to serve the country, following in his family's footsteps, is evident.

Beyond Football: A Future in Business Management

While football is a significant part of Ryan's journey, his aspirations extend into academics. Ryan plans to major in business management, a field that promises to open numerous opportunities for him.

Gratitude for Community Support

The Dunfees quickly acknowledge the supportive community that has played a crucial role in Ryan's journey. They extend their gratitude to the teachers and community members who have supported Ryan academically and in his football career.

Looking Ahead

As Ryan prepares for this new chapter at West Point, the CUSD community stands behind him, celebrating his achievements and looking forward to his future successes. His journey is a personal triumph and a shining example of what dedication, support, and hard work can achieve.

Congratulations, Ryan!

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