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An Evening of Arts Integration at Vista del Valle

CUSD proudly sponsors Family Art Nights across its schools, showcasing the district's unwavering commitment to Arts Integration. Among the participating institutions, Vista del Valle Elementary School participated on September 26th, capturing the essence of community spirit and the district's passion for the arts.

For the second consecutive year, the diligent Education Services team—Rosa Leong, Millie Monroy, Jessica Jackman Uy, and Site Art Lead Teachers—has been organizing family and student-teacher art events throughout the fall season across different CUSD schools. This commendable initiative, rooted in valuable parent feedback from the LCAP survey, is generously supported by the CUSD Arts Advancement Grant from the LA County Department of Arts and Culture.

In September, Dr. Veronica Alvarez offered her expertise at Condit, Mountain View, Oakmont Outdoor School, and Vista del Valle. The upcoming month promises further engagements with presentations at Sycamore, Sumner Danbury, and a specialized parent workshop at El Roble. Additionally, Dr. Alvarez will collaborate with students and educators at Claremont and San Antonio High Schools. Chaparral families can also anticipate a rich artistic experience this October, as they can immerse themselves in music, theater, and dance, guided by arts TOSA, teaching artist Andrew Grueschow, and the accomplished SALTs team.

This captivating evening, graced by the teaching artist Dr. Veronica Alverez, brought together 75 attendees, including parents and students, to celebrate art and learning. The event entailed enlightening art history sessions, creative expression activities centered on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, and a gallery walk showcasing participants' artistic abilities.

Vista del Valle's art night was a testament to CUSD's Five-Year Strategic Arts Plan for 2023-2028, meticulously crafted to promote arts education. This plan stands as a beacon of CUSD's core values, focusing on excellence, equity, innovation, and integrity, aiming to provide an exceptional educational experience for all students.

Over the years, CUSD has cemented its dedication to fostering the arts by approving two previous strategic arts plans. The success of these plans can be seen in the expansion of arts programming and the commitment to arts integration, driven by collaborative initiatives like the Arts Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) and Site Arts Lead Teachers (SALTs). This unwavering commitment has been bolstered by support from the Los Angeles County Arts Education Collective and the LA County Department of Arts and Culture.

CUSD is enthusiastic about its new Arts Strategic Plan for 2023-2028, which aims to provide equitable participation in dance, media, music, theater, and visual arts for every student. Furthermore, the plan strengthens family and community partnerships, enhancing professional development opportunities in culturally responsive arts integration.

In September 2022, the CUSD Arts Planning Committee, as part of the vision for the new strategic plan, expressed aspirations to create sustainable community partnerships, develop innovative curriculum, cultivate emotional wellness through arts, showcase creativity, and much more.

CUSD's focus on arts education is not just about fostering creativity but also about preparing students for the future. As Claremont Unified School District continues to grow, it remains steadfast in its purpose: "Igniting curiosity, strengthening resilience, and inspiring excellence to empower each student's academic journey."

Claremont High School Debate Team: A Beacon of Eloquence and Leadership!

In a remarkable testament to their dedication, skill, and eloquence, the Claremont High School (CHS) Speech and Debate Team has been awarded significant recognition from the National Speech & Debate Association for the 2022-2023 school year, illuminating the students' unwavering commitment in the arena of verbal and argumentative skill.

A Prestigious Honor: Societe de 300

Achieving a stellar 317 strength points last year, the CHS Speech and Debate Team has showcased its exceptional talent and earned its esteemed spot in the Association's prestigious Societe de 300. This accolade is not only a reflection of competitive success but is a glowing acknowledgment of the team's outstanding commitment to honing essential life skills among its members, including communication, research, listening, writing, and organization.

The journey to this commendable achievement has been paved with countless hours of preparation, research, and practice, underlining the team's dedication to the art of debate and nurturing future leaders. Through various competitions, leadership, and service activities, the students have accumulated Honor Society points and degrees, contributing to the team's overall strength and success.

Under the adept leadership of David Chamberlain, the CHS Speech and Debate Team has become a formidable force where students are empowered to harness the power of words to shape their worlds and perspectives. The team has become a vibrant outlet where young minds learn the art of effective communication and are shaped into informed, articulate, and empathetic individuals.

As we celebrate this significant achievement, we also cast our eyes toward the future, anticipating another successful season and continuing the legacy of excellence that has become synonymous with the CHS Speech and Debate Team. The skills, experiences, and memories forged during this journey will undoubtedly echo through the future endeavors of each team member.

A hearty congratulations to the CHS Speech and Debate Team for this remarkable achievement, and here's to many more successes, spirited debates, and shaped worlds in the future!

Triumph in Tunes: CHS Band and Color Guard Clinch 1st Place at Baldwin Park!

In a melody of determination, skill, and unity, the Claremont High School (CHS) Band and Color Guard turned up the heat at the Baldwin Park Field Tournament on October 7th, victorious with a 1st place triumph! Amidst the sizzling temperatures, our talented students showcased a performance that resonated with the audience and the judges, marking a memorable moment in CHS history.

Navigating through the challenges, 85 dedicated CHS Band and Color Guard members harmoniously blended their skills, presenting a show that was a spectacle for the eyes and a melody that danced through every listener's heart. Their perseverance and commitment were evident in every note and movement, embodying the spirit of true champions. 

Competing against 19 schools across six classes, with 3 in our class (3A), CHS made a remarkable statement with this win. This is the first time CHS won 1st place at this tournament, etching a significant milestone in our school's history and setting a new benchmark for future performances. 

The rhythm of success doesn't stop here! With three more tournaments on the horizon - 10/28 at Sierra Vista, 11/4 at Los Altos, and 11/11 at Ramona - our Band and Color Guard are tuned and ready to continue their journey, carrying the momentum from this triumphant win. 

Here's to the triumphs, the melodies, and the harmonious future that awaits!

Week of the School Administrator

Claremont Unified School District (CUSD) proudly recognizes October 8-14 as the Week of the School Administrator, echoing the sentiments of the California Department of Education and the State of California. This week-long observance is a testament to the importance of educational leadership at all levels, highlighting school administrators' role in fostering successful student achievement.

CUSD had the privilege of hosting Colonel Athens at the District Office to mark this important week. Colonel Athens, a distinguished leader and retired Marine, is renowned for his tenure as the Director of the U.S. Naval Academy's Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership. Drawing from his vast experiences, from serving under President Ronald Reagan to being the Special Assistant to the NASA Administrator post the Space Shuttle Challenger accident, Colonel Athens shared insights on leadership with CUSD administrators. His engagement was not just a session but an enlightening experience, enriching our leaders with deeper perspectives on ethical leadership and service.

The term "school administrator" encapsulates many roles, including superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, curriculum leaders, and more. These are the pillars upon which the educational framework of CUSD stands. As the resolution approved by the Claremont Unified School District Board of Education articulates, the leadership of these dedicated individuals is paramount to the success of our nearly 7,000 students from TK through 12th grade.

However, leadership within schools doesn't operate in a vacuum. It relies on a support network, from teachers and parents to community members and elected officials. This week of recognition serves as a reminder of the collaborative spirit of education.

CUSD extends its heartfelt gratitude to all its administrative staff. Their tireless efforts, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the district's mission do not go unnoticed. As we celebrate, we encourage the Claremont community to join us in recognizing and appreciating our administrators' role in shaping our education's future.

CUSD remains committed to quality education, and with leaders like ours, the future looks promising.

Eva Barriga Receives Inaugural "You Are the Commitment" Award

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Eva Barriga Receives Inaugural "You Are the Commitment" Award

In a fitting tribute to a decade of dedication and exemplary service, Claremont Unified School District (CUSD) proudly recognizes Eva Barriga as the recipient of the inaugural "You are the Commitment" award. This honor, the highest level of recognition that CUSD can present, acknowledges individuals who excel in their professional capacities and embody the district's core values of Excellence, Equity, Innovation, and Integrity.

Eva's journey with CUSD began as an Administrative Secretary, a role from which she swiftly rose to the position of Executive Secretary to the Superintendent. In this capacity, she has been the driving force behind more than 130 board meetings, ensuring that each one ran seamlessly. Beyond her official duties, Eva's approach to collaboration, her keen sense of camaraderie, and her unmatched people skills have made her a beloved member of the CUSD family.

As Eva approaches her well-deserved retirement, the CUSD community reflects on the indelible mark she has left behind. She has been instrumental in shaping the district's operations and fostering a positive, collaborative environment.

The Superintendent expressed heartfelt sentiments: "Eva's unparalleled dedication to CUSD over the past decade has been nothing short of extraordinary. Beyond her professional support, I am privileged to have worked closely with her and to call her a friend. She embodies the very essence of what our 'You are the Commitment' award stands for."

While Eva's retirement marks the end of an era for CUSD, her legacy is one of dedication, professionalism, and heartfelt commitment to the district's vision. The inaugural "You Are the Commitment" award serves as both a testament to her contributions and an inspiration for future recipients.

Congratulations, Eva Barriga, on a well-deserved recognition. Your CUSD family wishes you all the best in your retirement and future endeavors!

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