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Classified Staff Member of the Year

Dan Taylor, CUstodian 1

Amy Weiler, 2021 Classified Staff Member of the Year
Chaparral Elementary School
Hire Date: August 2016
Years of Service: 5
Introduction from Board Meeting

There are a unique and small group of employees who don’t think about job descriptions, assigned duties or their work hours… they think about how to make the world a better place for others. Yes, they do all the components of their job exceptionally well but, as they go about their day, they do little and big things that make our lives better. They see a need and they fill it. They see another person in need of a hand, and they put what they were doing on hold to help. They engage their passions and extend their time, energy, resources and love, without a thought of overtime compensation or recognition. They work late… and hard… and do so with a smile and ever flowing positivity. Tonight’s recipient of the CUSD Classified Staff Member of the Year is one of those rare people.

To say this recipient is a model employee is a modest accolade. With humility, compassion and dedication, this employee works each day to provide safe, clean and beautiful spaces for students to learn in and staff to work it. He is always the first to say “yes,” to make it happen, and to do so with a smile. He notices the small details and takes time to put extra love and attention into them. Colleagues say that he keeps the campus so clean and welcoming it feels like home and he goes way beyond his daily duties. A colleague states, “You can tell he has a big smile under his mask and he goes about his work with joy and connectivity to those he serves.”

But, as you know, to be recognized with this honor, an employee has to be more than just exceptional. They must give of themselves in ways outside of their work day. This recipient has done so for years. Prior to his employment with CUSD, he had a private photography business in town and was the “go to” photographer for Claremont High School. He documented dances, proms, school events, sports and a whole host of other events for years. But, what made him so special was the amount of time he donated. He constantly was at events he was not being paid for, photographing our students and providing exceptional shots to the school and their families, teams and ASB for no charge. I have heard of countless times when his beautiful photos captured our student and staff’s spirit and their love and engagement at school events. He was also known to provide photographs free of charge for families in need… that special prom or graduation photo for a family he knew could not afford a professional photographer was a gift he frequently gave.

This past year, at the school he currently serves, a project began and again he stepped up. With the recent removal of portable classrooms, the school decided on creating an Outdoor Learning Center. Without hesitation and with many, many long hours after his work day and on weekends, tonight’s recipient lead the school in creating a beautiful nature space for our students to learn in. He worked with staff, students, community members and parents to design and build this area. Getting rocks from the La Puerta property to create planting areas and a natural seating area were the start. Then, he came weekends to work with Girl Scouts to plant native plants and butterfly gardens. He also taught them to lay decomposed granite and gorilla hair. His love and care for students is reflected in this natural space for them to learn in.

We had twelve different letters of nomination for tonight’s recipient, just about the most I have seen submitted. Each conveyed their appreciation and respect for tonight’s recipient. One stated, “He is a true Chaparral Roadrunner” and another stated, “We are so very fortunate to have him in our lives!”

Claremont’s 2021-2022 Classified Staff Member of the Year began as a custodial substitute and was employed full time starting at Claremont High School and now at Chaparral Elementary School.  It is with great pleasure I present to you, the Board of Education, Dr. Olesniewicz and the staff and the community, the 2021-2022 Claremont Unified School District’s Classified Staff Member of the Year – Dan Taylor.

Former Staff Members of the Year

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2019 - 20 Shalon Gonzalez, Special Education Health Service Assistant, Claremont High School

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2016-17 - Silviano Arciga, Irrigation Specialist, Service Center

2015-16 - Maria Garcia, Administrative Secretary III, Student Services Department, District Office

2014-15 - Lynn Forester, ASB Account Clerk, Claremont High School

2013-14 - Roberta Mercer, Account Clerk III, Educational Services Department, District Office

2012-13—Rosie Bister, School Office Manager I, Oakmont Outdoor School