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Classified Staff Member of the Year

2022-23 Donna jackson,                    Director Secretary II

Classifed Staff Member of the Year - Donna Jackson


Hire Date:        09/06/2005

Years of Service:         17

Introduction from Board Meeting

Over the years, many of the recipients of this honor have been “behind the scenes,” leaders. Teachers, coaches and principals often get what few accolades are afforded to public school employees, but we know that much of the work to ensure our student’s success is done by a team of hard working, dedicated staff who work each day without any fanfare. If there was ever someone who embodied “hard working, behind the scenes,” it is tonight’s recipient. With a smile and a, “Yep, no problem, I got it,” tonight’s recipient goes about each day not concerned about her workload or hours she gets paid for, she goes about each day dedicated to our students, our families and our staff… no matter what it takes or how long it takes to get it done.

Tonight’s recipient is also the perfect example of someone who has “worked their way up” through the organization, taking on higher classifications with more responsibilities and more complex work. Starting at a school site as a Paraeducator, she quickly distinguished herself as one of the best. She was then selected as an Attendance Clerk and excelled in the complicated workday of balancing state compliance with student/family needs. She assumed the role of School Office Manager and ensured not only exceptional operations, and the Assistant Principal duties most days, but a heart for each student, family and staff member. Through all of this, she gave freely of her time and energy… way beyond the school day.

To be Classified Staff Member of the Year, one needs to be more than just great at their job. While tonight’s recipient was doing all of this for her school’s families and staff, she dedicated the remainder of her time to her children’s PFA, sports, scouts and the list goes on and on. I have long admired parents like tonight’s recipient, who volunteer so freely…not for any benefit of their own student, but for the benefit of everyone else’s student. They strive to make each event the best it can be and give freely of all the time they have.  They take in joy from seeing students engaged, learning and having fun. Their batteries are charged by the positivity of working on a successful school dance or carnival.

Tonight’s recipient now serves as Director Secretary II in Education Services. In addition to keeping a very busy department organized and supported, she continues to go above and beyond in ways like delivering materials to homes during the pandemic and working side by side with the Parent Liaison to ensure each family is engaged. The support, the hard work, the dedication and the selflessness continues… and all the while, with a smile and a “Yep, I got it.”

It is with great pleasure I present to you, the Board of Education, Dr. Wilson, staff and the community, the 2022-2023 Claremont Unified School District’s Classified Staff Member of the Year – Donna Singelyn-Jackson.

Former Staff Members of the Year

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2020-21 Amy Weiler Receptionist/Clerical Assistant    El Roble Intermediate School

2019 - 20 Shalon Gonzalez Special Education Health Service Assistant, Claremont High School

2018 - 19 Margaret Domic, Clerical Assistant III          Education Services Department

2017 - 18 - Cindy Eiland Office Manager, El Roble Intermediate School

2016-17 - Silviano Arciga Irrigation Specialist                 Service Center

2015-16 - Maria Garcia Administrative Secretary III Student Services Department, District Office

2014-15 - Lynn Forester            ASB Account Clerk          Claremont High School

2013-14 - Roberta Mercer Account Clerk III, Educational Services Department, District Office

2012-13—Rosie Bister             School Office Manager I Oakmont Outdoor School