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Blast - Ases

Ruby Garcia – Account Clerk

(909) 398-0609 x41004

Site Contacts

Chaparral BLAST

(909) 398-0305 x. 41608

Teacher: Candice Potter


Condit BLAST

(909) 398-0300 x. 41620

Teacher: Elisa Castro


Mtn. View BLAST

(909) 398-0308 x. 41610

Teacher: Gidget McNeely


Oakmont BLAST

(909) 398-0313 x. 41630

Teacher: Jackie Killam


Sumner BLAST

(909) 398-0320 x. 41609

Teacher: Corrine Southall 


Sycamore BLAST

(909) 398-0324 x. 41629

Teacher: Suzan Ahmed 


Vista del Valle ASES

(909) 398-0331 x. 55018

Teacher: TBA

BLAST/ASES Registration

Registration opens on March 22, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

 During Phase II, the BLAST & ASES programs will open as follows:

  • Monday and Tuesday for Group A students
  • Thursday and Friday for Group B students
  • No care on Wednesdays
  • BLAST (Chaparral, Condit, Mtn. View, Oakmont, Sumner-Danbury and Sycamore)
    • 7:30am   – open for before school care
    • 10:15am – students return to BLAST program
    • 4:00pm   – closing time
  • ASES (Vista)
    • 10:15am – opens immediately after school
    • 4:00pm    – closing time

Due to LA County Department of Public Health guidelines, space is limited. 


Weekly tuition:           $100.00 per week, paid monthly 

ASES (Vista) Fees:

Weekly tuition:           $25.00/student, paid monthly 

First priority for enrollment in the ASES program shall go to children who are identified as homeless youth, as defined by the Federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Act (42.U.S.C. Sec 11434a) and to children who are in foster care.

Homeless and Foster Youth are not charged a fee.  Children who are eligible for free or reduced price meals pay a reduced fee. 


The purpose of the BLAST/ASES program is to provide a safe, supportive and active learning environment for elementary school age children before and/or after the regular school day hours. The program environment is structured to reflect the needs, interests and capabilities of children five to twelve years of age. All locations are well equipped and arranged to accommodate children individually, as well as small and large groups. Children have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of developmentally appropriate enrichment activities which include recreation and games, arts and crafts, tennis instruction and a variety of academically related activities in the areas of language/literacy, science, math, history, technology and music. The program also offers homework time and free time for children to pursue their own interests in a safe and positive environment.

Program Goals

The main goals of the BLAST/ASES program are to:

  • Provide a Safe, Supportive and Active Learning Environment
  • Support the Needs of Working Families
  • Provide Learning that is Active, Collaborative, and Meaningful
  • Support Mastery and Expand Horizons
  • Support the Exploration of Interests and the Development of Skills and Creativity
  • Promote Respect and Appreciation for Diversity.  Improve Students’ Physical and Social Skills
  • Foster High Expectations for all Participants.

register online here

To register your child, select either "Returning Parents" or "New Parent Open Account".   The use of a desktop/laptop computer is recommended as some features may not be compatible with cell phones.