Oakmont Elementary

About Oakmont Elementary School

Oakmont Elementary School, founded in 1952, is a California Distinguished School. Located at the corner of Arrow Hwy. and College Ave., our picturesque campus features beautiful trees, gardens and murals, as well as a large playground with multiple play structures and plenty of field play space. Our small size, 320 students, is one of our main features, as we offer a personal education that focuses on EVERY student. There are many exciting events that occur over the school year that, added to exceptional classroom instruction, provide a state-of-the-art educational setting. Our highly qualified teaching staff, school psychologist, school counselor, classroom aides and volunteers, work-study students, PE Aide, music teacher, art teacher, Parent Faculty Association, and School Site Council provide a daily environment rich in education and a family setting. A few of the additional community events we offer yearly are:

  • after school enrichment programs
  • lunch sports league
  • after school remediation program
  • counseling support
  • a family dance
  • parent nights
  • Outdoor Science School for 6th Grade Students
  • pizza nights
  • in-class music program
  • in-class art program
  • Goal Setting and Spring Student conferences
  • enrichment evenings

Oakmont Elementary School emphasizes high expectations for students, staff and families. Home and school relations are a high priority. Everyone works together for the good of all students.

Language Arts skills of reading fluency, reading comprehension, writing and speaking, along with all components of mathematics are main curricular focuses at Oakmont. Computer and information systems technology continue to be developed as an integral part of the educational process. Students will gain computer literacy while using computer technology to support all areas of learning. A state of the art computer lab and 2 networked computers in every classroom give students and teachers access to a variety of useful software applications; educational (Inspiration, web browsers), assessment (Accelerated Reader, Leapfrog Schoolhouse) and school management (Microsoft Office, attendance and student data).

Students receive a balanced education with emphasis on the thematic teaching of science and social science/history units, music and fine arts instruction, personal responsibility/goals oriented character instruction and a focus on global issues. With a clear mission and equal opportunity for all students, each child is given the Oakmont opportunity for excellence!

Oakmont Elementary School is located in southern California, about thirty miles east of Los Angeles. Nestled in the San Gabriel Valley and the city of Claremont, Oakmont School is within walking distance of the seven Claremont Colleges. Our rich cultural diversity is noted in the diversity of our families and in the seven different languages spoken. We have an enrollment of 320 students. Of those, eighteen are enrolled in special day class setting for Severe Language disorders.


For further information contact:

Stacey Stewart, Principal

120 West Green Street

Claremont, CA 91711

Phone: (909) 398-0609 x. 64001

Fax: (909) 625-8463


Rosie Bister / Michelle Mosley

Office Manager

Phone: (909) 398-0609 x. 64002