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About Mountain View Elementary School

Mountain View Elementary School is committed to ensuring that all students leave with the knowledge, critical skills, and attitudes essential to becoming contributing members of society.  We want our diverse community of learners to embrace current and future academic achievement as they become positive citizens prepared for the next educational level.

The Mountain View School community has always prided itself on its commitment to providing a student-centered educational environment. The expectation is that it will foster student academic achievement, creativity, independence, and responsibility, and that students will become positive citizens. The staff is passionate about learning, and strives to instill in its students the desire to become life-long learners who appreciate the value of education.

The teaching staff, Parent-Faculty Association, and School Site Council continually discuss methods to improve the learning of our students. Based on the information from those discussions, and from student achievement data, Mountain View staff will focus on three goals.

  1. The Mountain View staff will continue to utilize disaggregated student data in the areas of reading comprehension, reading vocabulary, math problem solving, and math procedures, to improve student learning. Although Mountain View students posted gains in the areas of reading, language, and math, we continue to have students not meeting the curricular standards. The use of disaggregated data allows us to identify students in the lower quintiles who need additional support. Teachers continue to assess students' needs and develop strategies in ELA and Mathematics to bring student achievement to the proficient/advanced level.  Teachers will meet monthly in their Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) in order to plan together the RTI program which will target specific students and will meet their individual needs.
  2. Mountain View staff will continue to develop and refine programs to assist under-performing students in meeting grade level standards. Title I and Tier III funds will be allocated to implement these programs, which include paraprofessionals to support small groups in the classroom. Our staff continually revises and develops programs and strategies to meet the needs of new, as well as currently under-performing Mountain View students. These strategies and programs include: additional supplemental materials at all grade levels as needed,  the continued expansion and refinement of the After School Intervention Program (including supplementing district funding for supplemental instructional materials), the exploration and implementation of computer assisted learning programs, and the creative use of instructional assistants in and out of the classroom.  Instructional aides will be used to target small groups of students needing intervention during RTI.  The Kagan structures will be implemented in classrooms in order to use valuable class time and increase student interaction that will foster greater language development and postive social interaction.
  3. The Mountain View staff believes that our students should not only succeed as learners, but also become positive leaders. Staff members will continue to encourage positive leadership in the classroom and on the campus. Students will be encouraged to make positive choices while they attend Mountain View. Positive leadership and citizenship will be modeled and rewarded via: monthly character words, Mustang Tickets for students displaying positive character traits, monthly classroom awards (best behaved; cleanest room; best attendance)monthly good behavior celebration days, and trimester award assemblies recognizing academic and citizenship improvement.

Located at 851 Santa Clara Avenue, our school borders Foothill Boulevard and Mountain Avenue. Our tree lined campus and brick exterior makes for an attractive elementary school. 458 students from a representative cross-section of the Claremont community, as well as other surrounding communities, make up our diverse student population. In addition to a quality educational program, we are fortunate to receive district and state funding for our regular school programs, as well as a Reading Intervention and After School Intervention programs. These include: current updating of the computer lab for student and staff use, art and music programs for all grade levels, and P.E. instruction for grades K-3 provided by the classroom teacher and for grades 4-6 provided by the PE teacher/aides.

For further information contact:

Natalie Taylor, Principal

851 Santa Clara Avenue

Claremont, CA 91711

Phone: (909) 398-0308 x. 67001

Fax: (909) 624-0289


Amy Clark

Office Manager

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