Condit Elementary

About Condit Elementary School

Condit is starting its 52nd year and is an AMAZING place for children. Anyone that has been any part of Condit, recently or within the last 50 years, will tell you what a unique and special place it is for students.

Condit Elementary School opened its doors to eager young minds in 1958 and continues to welcome diverse families from many neighborhoods and neighboring communities.  The school is located in Claremont, California, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles.  Claremont is home to nationally renowned colleges, yet has a small town appeal.  Money, a national magazine, ranked Claremont the best place to live in California and the fifth best place to live in the nation, according to economic opportunity, good schools, safe streets, things to do, and a sense of community.

Condit is the second largest of eight elementary schools in the Claremont Unified School District and currently serves 625 students. Condit families come from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.  More than 15 languages are spoken by students and their families. 

Condit teachers are devoted to the “whole child”.  Our rigorous standards-based curriculum meets the academic, social, physical and emotional needs of students within a safe, child-centered environment.  The goal of our teachers is to differentiate instruction to educate, challenge, and inspire students of all ages, talents, and ability levels, while preparing each with the skills required to adapt and succeed in an ever changing world.  Our teachers believe learning should be based on student needs as evidenced by formative, summative, and authentic assessments.  Instruction is carefully thought out, creatively presented, and meaningfully applied so that students understand the value of these lessons and can make real world connections. 

Continuing in the 2010-2011 school year, the Condit staff will participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLC). In a PLC, teachers focus collaboratively in grade level teams on student learning, not just teaching. The teachers will be working collaboratively to discuss current data and implement strategies that focus on what students are learning and also what to do when they are not. Condit has always strived for the success of lifelong learners soaring above the rest. The continuation of PLC’s help us move in that direction, and also give us a chance to celebrate successes throughout the school year.

During the 2010-2011 school year, Condit will continue to recognize students for positive behaviors.  Students that demonstrate the pillars of character will be recognized for their behavior through "Condit Coupons."  The coupon is filled out with the student's name and put into a box in the office.  Every Friday, names are pulled out of the box and students are able to redeem incentives if their name is drawn.  Students can also be recognized in trimester assemblies for the "Soaring Condor Award," Academic Excellence, and Counting on Character Award.  Student will be selected each month and awards will be given out at an assembly at the end of the trimester.  Condit also adopted the "bucket filling" concept in 2009-2010, which recognizes individuals that fill buckets by doing good and works to help those that are "bucket dippers."

The Condit staff is committed to ongoing communication with its families through a variety of means.  Numerous programs and communication systems at Condit ensure that families are part of their student’s success.  Condit families and staff maintain a very close relationship regarding all aspects of a child’s schooling.  Parents often comment that their children are happy at Condit.  They have also shared how impressed they are by the dedication and amount of personal time the teachers and staff put into the students at Condit.

The characteristics of learning, leadership, and community have been joined together to distinguish Condit as a place that has provided warmth and security over the last 50 years.  We firmly believe that education entails academic skills taught in a rigorous and creative way, as well as the development of the physical, social, and emotional character of each and every child.

Condit’s school community, its emphasis on high achievement, and the collective dedication to both, make it an exemplary school.



For further information contact:

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1750 North Mountain Avenue

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Office Manager

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