Claremont Adult School

About the Claremont Adult School

The Claremont Adult School addressed budget issues in the Fall 2009 session. It is our goal at this time to explain the need to reduce the number of class offerings and to address the continued concerns that are part of the 2010 school year. Our goal is to provide quality class offerings, knowing that at this time they may be decreasing.

In the first combined issue of the City of Claremont and Claremont Adult School brochure, we are addressing specific needs of the City of Claremont and the surrounding communities we serve.

The climate of education at Claremont Adult School might seem to be changing drastically due to a number of factors. The largest being the budget and how the school will evolve in the future. We hope to update our program annually, while not losing the classes that have made the Claremont Adult School so valued in the past. We will provide the City of Claremont and our neighboring cities with quality instructors and classes, our motto is as ever “Life-long Learning”.


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Felipe Delvasto

Coordinator of Alternative Education

(909) 398-0609 ext. 40001


Office Manager

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