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Classified Staff Member of the Year

Cindy Eiland, School Office Manager

A picture of Cindy Eiland, CUSD s 2017 - 2018 Classified Staff Member of the Year

El Roble Intermediate School
Hire Date: 8/17/04
Years of Service: 13



Introduction from Board Meeting:

As I have said many times before both here in the Board room and at all over the District, teaching students in CUSD is not just limited to those who hold a CA State Credential. Our students learn from every person who this board employs. From the kind “good morning” from a food service staff member giving a student breakfast to the custodian that pauses cleaning a restroom after school to walk across campus to open a locked classroom so a student can get their jacket… each adult on campus plays a vital role in creating an environment that teachers students community, respect and the joy of working together in the pursuit of knowledge and increase skill.

Tonight’s recipient plays a key role in one of our largest schools to ensure students have everything they need to be successful. Not only does she provide exceptional service to staff, students, parents and the community… not only does she provide a flawless work product that ensures site and District operations are smooth… not only does she assist very busy administrators and ensure their calendars and workflow are productive… not only does she always have a moment to stop everything to value an individual and ask questions to fully understand issues…. she does all this with students and families dealing with those often crazy and awkward early teenage years.

And we all know that Intermediate School staff are “special” in their own regard…. possessing a love of students searching for who they are…. student and families struggling with the pressures of teen issues… and teems seeking acceptance and friends to complement their expanding personalities. I am not quite sure how she does it some days… and I am sure some days are very tough.

From every recommendation for this honor…. to every time I speak to a member of the El Roble staff and community, there are only positive accolades for tonight’s recipient.  They comment on her professionalism and “let’s get it done” attitude. She follows up on every need and completes every request. She does so with a “down to earth” attitude of serving our students and ensuring everyone has what they need to be successful.

In addition to this outstanding work ethic and giving 110% each and every day… often staying late, starting early or working on the weekends… tonight’s recipient, like former recipients in this honor as well as former Teachers of the Year, has a commitment to our District staff. Serving as the CSEA president, as well as in the leadership team for years, tonight’s recipient ensures we balance staff rights with the needs of students.
She is the first to investigate and fully understand a staff complaint or need. She is the first to look at how that staff member has performed and hold them to the high standards of the CUSD family. She is first to seek consensus… to find common ground… to look for solutions that don’t give everyone what they want always… but give what people need and always put service to students first.

As you have also heard me say many times before, I have the great fortune of working with labor leaders who collaboratively seek excellent working conditions for their members, but do so without compromising our commitment to students and our focus on excellence.

It gives me great pride to be able to recognize members of the CUSD family, such as tonight’s recipient, who pour all of their love, hard work, dedication and joy into what they do. At the end of the day, even when we may disagree, there is always an opportunity to work on issues together and seek the best for all involved. Tonight’s recipient does that each and every day, bring exceptional service to our students, their families, the community and fellow staff members.

Claremont’s 2017-2018 Classified Staff Member of the Year began with Claremont Unified School District as an Attendance Clerk/Paraeducator II/Noon Duty Aide at Chaparral Elementary School in 2004. In 2009, this recipient was re-assigned from an Attendance Clerk to a Clerical Assistant I in the Special Education Department and in 2010 she was re-assigned to the School Office Manager for El Roble Intermediate School.

It is with great pleasure I present to you, the Board of Education, Dr. Elsasser and the staff and the community, the 2017-2018 Claremont Unified School District’s Classified Staff Member of the Year – Cindy Eiland.

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